Must We Be Exposed To Toxic Chemicals While Sleeping?

We need to ask ourselves, ‘Must we be exposed to toxic fire retardants in mattresses to prevent fires?’

For safety, flame retardants are needed in mattresses but the big question is, “why are manufacturers still using toxic fire retardants?” There are some non-toxic fire retardant options that can be utilized in the place of the dangerous ones.

For example, one flame retardant called ‘Firemaster 550,’ which is used in polyurethane foams commonly found in infant and adult mattresses. This, however, has been found to be an endocrine disruptor. This means it can potentially hurt the thryoid, pancreas, and the sex hormones of an infant, child, or adult who sleeps on such a mattress.

The study gave 3 groups of pregnant and nursing rats a different amount of Firemaster 550, varying from none to 1000 micrograms on a daily basis. Researchers found extremely rapid weight gain in the offspring. By the time they were weaned from nursing, high-dose male pups were 60 percent heavier than the control group – and high-dose female pups were 31 percent heavier than the control group. High-dose female pups also had difficulty regulating their glucose levels as adults. High-dose males had thickened walls in the left ventricle of the heart, suggestive of cardiovascular disease.

Our corporations should be protecting infants and everyone else from fires in the mattresses, but when toxic chemicals are used, it simply creates another potentially serious problem in an effort to resolve the fire issue. Toxic substances should not be allowed on mattresses used for infants, children or adults. The government needs to consider both the fire and the toxic chemical exposure problem when they make their recommendations or laws.

The basic problem is that our government insists that mattresses be made with fire retardants. However, the government does not specify that the fire-retardant chemicals must be safe. It is not prudent, however, for the mattress companies to use chemicals that can cause harmful health effects, or to be toxic, but their prime concern tends to be cost and not safety. Read my book, “Our Toxic World a Wake Up Call” which points out many of our present day dangers, and then read my other book “32 Tips to Keep You Safe” which tells you what to do to stay safer. We must do more to protect our people.

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