Parkinson’s Disease and Pesticides

Dr. Silvia Muller from Germany wrote this and I would like to share it with you.

She writes that Parkinson’s disease is the most widely studied in relation with pesticide exposure, particularly with insecticides and herbicides. They are observed to be risk factors. Evidence is scarce but also suggestive for Alzheimer’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Cognitive (thinking) and psychiatric disorders were often observed in relation with organophosphate insecticide exposures. Cognitive disorders were found associated with acute and chronic exposures, and psychiatric disorders mostly with poisonings.

My comment: Any area of the body or brain can be adversely affected by chemical exposures. Psychiatric changes certainly occur from not only chemicals, but also dust, molds, pollen and food sensitivities. See my incredible DVDs. There are many video tapes of how common these reactions, including some chemicals such as chlorine or fluoride, are and what exactly causes them.

When are we going to speak out and proclaim we know the cause of many cognitive and psychiatric behaviors? The question is why are we so wimpy and doing so little about it.

It is the toxic chemicals! Toxic chemicals are causing much of this difficulty. More than that, the bees are dying from these exposures, but little is really done to protect the public. Someone who knows some, if any at all, of the dangers and harm they can do, will decide to spray you from the air or fog your neighborhood with a chemical known to cause cancer. What will you do about it? Probably nothing?

Even if you write your newspaper, they might not publish it. How long are we going live in ‘happyland’ while those we love are being made ill? Who will lead the charge and demand we, our children and the adults, be protected?

Get the names of your politicians and write them, because they and the insurance companies decide your life or death. Will you develop cancer, have deformed or autistic babies, Parkinson’s, diabetes, etc? Read my book Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call, which tells what chemicals are causing what and then read my 32 Tips to Keep You Safe to find out what you can do to protect your own nest.

This is not the time to look the other way and let the greedy Monsanto culture decision makers determine our future. We, the ordinary people, must stand up and be counted in spite of all their power and money. Find out which politicians are even thinking about our environment. Jobs are needed but if you dying of cancer, that is hardly your greatest concern. No one else but you must personally get in line to help to help protect our loves ones, ourselves, and our planet.

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