We Must Spread The Word That We Must All…

…keep our air, water and food as free of chemicals as possible because they can harm any area of our body and/or brain. Get a water purifier, eat organic food as much as possible and get an air cleaner that takes out as many of the chemicals as possible (such as the best Austin model (800 787 8780)). You can try an air purifier for $25 for a month, if you know how to do it. (call that number again).

These measures will increase your chances of getting and staying well. You might feel better than for ages, in 1-7 days.

See my new booklet entitled Allergy Answers. You might feel better before the end of the day. It explains why your suddenly possibly got allergies. There is a way to get answers in 5-7 days about food allergies with a special allergy free diet and in one day with the air purifier that you try for only $25 for one month. You cannot do much better than that. Return it if you don’t like it, no questions asked. Call 800-787-8780 for your special pricing!

Spread the word to young couples especially and urge my book Is This Your Child which has a big section on the unborn fetus and infant. The average newborn infant is marinated in 278 toxic chemicals for nine months! The breast milk has the same chemicals. Most mothers have no idea that their unborn babies are in danger because of the many chemicals they are eating, touching or smelling. I saw a video once of a pregnant woman behind a fluoroscope machine. Every time the mother puffed on a cigarette, the fetus went into spasm. and I bet this can happen when they clean with toxic chemicals. This should be on the TV every day to remind pregnant ladies what they are doing.

Hope we can work together and make some significant changes. We can no longer sit back and hope someone else will do the obvious.

It is not a time for wimps. We must become raging bull gorillas!!! :) The whole planet and every living thing are at stake.

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