Breathing Troubles Doing Laundry?

If you are feeling a shortness of breath or just more fatigued than usual, it probably isn’t just you. In fact, thousands are affected by the chemicals that are found in our laundry soap.

Phenols have been known to harm the lungs, heart, kidneys and liver. Artificial fragrances are not only irritating to our sense of smell, they have been linked to asthma and cancer. 1-4 dioxane is also found in many laundry detergents. It is a solvent that has been linked kidney and liver damage. All of these chemicals can cause itchiness, rashes, or bumps on those with sensitive skin, and can irritate the respiratory system in those who are sensitive in that sense.

Why these are doing in products that are contacting our skin on a daily basis is inexplicable. When shopping, be sure to purchase eco-friendly brands that do not contain any of these ingredients.

You can find much more information regarding these chemicals and more in my book “Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call” and “Is This Your Child?

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