Your Child Can’t Behave?

Do you know a child whose actions are totally impossible? Are you desperate and distraught with worry and concern about what to do? Want to try something that might help tremendously in one day or possibly in 5-7 days, at no or a miniscule cost?

Yes, it is possible to do this, to save many hundreds of dollars and turn the lives of many children and families totally around, often in less than a week. An air purifier, an allergy diet and/or possibly a form of allergy testing called Provocation/Neutralization (P/N) might be the answer you need. Sometimes it can be easy to find and eliminates the cause of inexplicable allergies and totally unacceptable behavior. Read my amazingly helpful inexpensive book, “Is This Your Child’s World” and look at my amazing DVDs.

If drugs, counseling and routine allergy care, air purifiers and diet have not helped enough, consider P/N allergy testing and treatment. I practiced for about 20 years until I learned P/N and I never looked back. It opens up a whole new wonderful world of allergy therapy. To find the nearest specialist who knows this amazing form of therapy, visit the AAEM at I have seen it do many miracles.

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