Vaccine Developer Apologizes After 50+ Years

Birth Defects From Thalidomide: Infowars.comThe German firm that developed, manufactured, and distributed Thalidomide, a ‘treatment’ for morning sickness, gave a formal apology for causing about 10,000 birth defects in children from the 50′s and 60′s.

Thalidomide was touted as perfectly safe, much as today’s vaccines are promised. At the ceremony, its chief executive, Harald Stock, said the company, Gruenenthal, was sorry for what had happened to the victims.

“In the name of Gruenenthal … I want to take this opportunity to express our deep regret over the consequences of Contergan (Thalidomide) and our deep sympathy for the victims, their mothers and families.”

“We also ask for forgiveness for not reaching out to you from human to human for almost 50 years … We ask that you see our long speechlessness as a sign of the silent shock that your fate has caused us.”

How much more do we have to put up with before we get the change we need when it comes to our own health? Why did Google stop allowing health and nutrition products on their ‘Shopping’ network at the request of the FDA? We MUST keep the heat on these people and companies!

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