Sprayings In Phoenix

We are again being sprayed and forced to breathe a chemical that can unquestionably causes cancer in Phoenix! It is called malathion and it is being used to kill mosquitoes that might carry West Nile Encephalitis.

Where has common sense gone? We already have an overwhelming cancer epidemic. Studies show this chemical also causes birth defects and developmental delays. Why are safer, less expensive choices not being made?

Are you being sprayed, too? Write your stories on my Facebook page and help get the word out about sprayings in your area!

One must always ask if the treatment is worse than the disease. Search on https://www.startpage.com the term ‘malathion’ and see what it can do. If you are pregnant do you want to breathe it? Could it hurt the baby? It is the fetus, infants and the elderly who are the most vulnerable. If you are ill from some serious illness, can this make you worse in any way? And then the most important question. Why are those making our health-related decisions not suggesting safer, less expensive and more efficient alternatives. Could there be vested interests in their decisions?

The following are referenced facts from my book entitled Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call . Keep asking yourself ‘what about us humans?’
…Sprayed pregnant rats have newborns that are twice as sensitive to malathion.
… Sprayed turtles, fish, frogs and hens can have more sexual and birth defects.
…Newborn humans can have malathion in their first bowel movement which indicates this chemical is getting from the mother into the baby at a critical time when the major body systems, such as the brain, are developing.
…The infants of pregnant mothers exposed in the second trimester had more than twice the number of intestinal disorders.
… One study in India showed that this chemical can cause chromosome changes and weakening of the immune system which can lead to increased birth defects, infections, allergies and environmental problems.
… In some child studies there appears to be a link suggesting that malathion contributed to leukemia and aplastic anemia.
… In Nebraska farmers in 1988, malathion exposure was thought to cause and increased incidence of cancer.
… In 1992, another study exposed farmers in Iowa and Minnesota , showed more farmers developed non-Hodgkins lympoma
…There was more cancer in employees in flour mills where insect control measures included malathion
…In another study, apple growers who use malathion had more leukemia.

Read Chapter 8 of Our Toxic World A Wake Up Call for more documentation of the many serious dangers of malathion on us, our offspring and our planet.

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