Think Your Thyroid Is Not Right, But The Tests Come Back OK?

Do you ask yourself why the tests could be normal when you have the following symptoms? Do you notice you can’t sleep, always feel tired and cold, can’t control your weight, can’t think clearly, have no sex drive, have sparse hair and skimpy eyebrows, irregular heart beats, dry flaky skin and slow wound healing?

After menopause these symptoms typically become much worse. Soy products and fluorides can interfere with your thyroid function.

To find out if your thyroid might be under-active, check your oral morning temperature. Is it routinely less than 97.8°F before you get out of bed? If the answer is yes, and you have several of the above symptoms, get another thyroid evaluation from another doctor. You might have spotted a missed thyroid problem. The diagnosis of under-active thyroids are commonly missed.

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