What Are Cross Reactions?

Cross reactions commonly occur in those who have allergies. A cross reaction means you are allergic to one thing but certain other things trigger the same type of response. Dairy, peanuts and eggs can cross react. This means any of these can cause the same reaction. So can corn, wheat, and soy. As can red dye 40 & yellow dye 5 (these tend to cause hyperactivity in some, but in others the reactions can be totally different).

Birch pollen triggers up to 80% of those with hay fever. I have no idea why this one is so outstandingly bad.

Some seemingly unrelated allergens including foods and pollen, such as peanuts and grass pollen can cause similar symptoms.

Also of interest is the product called Oralmat, a fermented rye grass, that helps people with allergies. If the Australian $ wasn’t so high vs US $, this would be more widely known in the USA. I am surprised some enterprising American is not on this and already selling it. Bet I hear from someone soon after that statement!

My fundamental life idea is to help as many as possible for the least amount of money so let me know if you have such an answer to help many. We need to get such info out if it is correct and very safe.

Too many are ill and have no money. The bottom line: We need to figure out how to help more, for less. Please write me if you have ideas.

On my website we have a diet for food allergies that has helped more people than you imagine in 5-7 days and it costs nothing. For those with allergies to dust, pollen, molds and chemical sensitivities, a quality air purifier can be the answer in less than a day and there is a way to try it for $25 for a month. If it helps, MAGNIFICENT- if not- only $25 lost. Want a phone call? Call 480 905 9195. If call is ignored, call 480- 478 9755 and leave a message.

Thanks for seeing my site. I am there to try to help you. If you have something to share that is safe and effective, let me know please or put on Facebook.

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2 comments on “What Are Cross Reactions?

  1. I want to buy a air purifier for my kid.He is having lots of food allergies and cat allergies. He is having lead and cadmium toxic metals in his body.
    can you plz suggest me which air purifier i have to buy or try?
    your reply will be very helpful for me

    deepaReply - Quote

  2. Doris Rapp, MD on said:

    Hello Deepa,

    If you call my office at 800-787-8780, I will be able to go over the Austin Air HealthMate purifiers, which is the only air purifier I recommend. I am also able to give you a 30 day trial period with the machine for only $25. If you decide it doesn’t work for you, you can return it no questions asked!

    Talk to you soon!

    Doris Rapp, MDReply - Quote

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