Are You Sensitive To Wine?

You are not alone! A German study has reported that approximately 7% of the population has an intolerance to wine. Women tend to be more sensitive to wine, with 8.9% being sensitive, and only 5.2% of men. There were 948 participants in this study.

One of the interesting facts is that many who reported wine intolerance also reported intolerance to beer and alcohol in general. Study participants were also asked about other food intolerances, as well as reactions to pollen, house dust, latex, and medications. 22% of respondents reported food intolerance, 31% intolerance to pollen, 18.7% intolerance to house dust, and 12% to medication.

If you have any of these symptoms shortly after drinking wine, you may be intolerant:

  • flushed skin
  • itching
  • rhinorrhea
  • diarrhea
  • tachycardia
  • stomach or intestinal cramps

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