Why Is Autism Increasing?

Again, it is clearly evident that environmental exposures contribute to this problem. Add some genetic factors and it is even more apparent.

When will we wake up?

The human body cannot tolerate the level and vast variety of chemicals to which we are all exposed from the moment of conception onward.

What will stop it? We must limit what the chemical companies are doing to our air, water, food and soil. If we drag our feet, we will all be lost and many children will be destined to a jeopardized lifetime.

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One comment on “Why Is Autism Increasing?

  1. Gregg Forster on said:

    SO true. We cannot pretend that human bodies can be increasingly abused with unhealthy substances brought into our bodies through what we breathe, eat and touch, without suffering consequences. And so often those consequences can be complex, difficult to figure out, unpleasant and even devastating.

    We have choices and we need to make them wisely. Thanks for keeping these issues visible.Reply - Quote

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