GM Grass Killing Livestock!?

Cattle Dying From GM GrassAs a prime example of the warnings that should have been heeded years ago, genetically engineered grass appears to have mutated and is now producing cyanide grass, which has decimated a man’s cattle herd.

According to the news story, Jerry Abel of Elgin, TX lost 15 of his 18 head of cattle just after turning them to pasture to graze on the fresh grass, named Tifton 85, which had been growing there for 15 years. Shortly after releasing the cattle, the sounds of a heifer bellowing in pain sounded as if the pregnant cattle was birthing.

Upon arriving, it turns out that several cattle were dead, and many others were convulsing on the ground.

This is truly terrible. We must keep fighting against these dangerous devices. Tell everybody you know. Talk with your money, and purchase as local and organic and nutritional as possible.

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