Wake Up Call - SOS!!!

The people on this planet and the planet itself are now becoming seriously and progressively more damaged from the continued and endless use of pesticides and herbicides, These are destroying the bees, crops, water, wildlife and soil. Never ending greed had created a monster that can destroy your grandchildren along with the rest of us. Read my book Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call.

We cannot dilly-dally any longer. We need some gung-ho leaders who know, care, and can make significant changes. We must pray we get them soon. The devastation will soon be overwhelming and may be near the point where some of the damage cannot be reversed. The food supply is surely in grave danger because of genetic engineering. and irradiation. Along with mine, read some of Dr. Jeff Smith’s books and cry. I am not crying wolf but crying facts.

We must all become more proactive because there are people with money who simply do not care and certainly do not realize the health and future of their loved ones are surely also at stake.

  1. Don Hoernschemeyer says:

    Doris, you are absolutely right!
    People need to get informed, then mad as hell, then prod their congressional representatives.Reply - Quote

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