Are Bees in Jeopardy? What About Us?

Another recent report indicates they sure are dying in droves and that means our food supply is also in jeopardy. This report tells of bees being found in piles, 1 to 2 inches thick, all dead in an area around the entrance to a man’s beehive.

Our wildlife are giving us the message. Why are we not listening. Pesticides are the most likely cause. Think about it. What is done to the bees might also hurt humans infants? What is it doing to the unborn child when a mother is exposed? What about young children and the elderly? They are the most vulnerable. Find out what is doing what and what we can do about protecting our own little nests.

Read 32 Tips to Keep you Safe. Dr Rapp is also Author of Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call which clearly documents with scientific studies why we ought to be gravely concerned and doing something about it NOW.

You can do some inexpensive things right now to protect your loved ones and yourself. Find out how to get an air purifier to remove chemicals on a trial basis for a month for only $25. Call 602 574 7635.

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