If Molds Have Ruined Your Health, Read On:

Find a doctor who knows environmental medicine. They can help you get the type of evidence you will need for legal action. Many regular allergists have had no special training in the many ways that molds can harm the human body and brain.

I was in practice almost 20 years before I went to an allergy meeting that changed my life. Order my DVD’s on molds that clearly demonstrate some of the many unsuspected ways mold allergies can harm us. You and many others, in and out of the medical field, will never believe it.

Make your own video if a moldy place bothers you. Talk to your doctor about how to video before a mold contact, then in one-half to a few hours after exposure and then after you breathe some fresh air or oxygen to relieve symptoms. Do this only if your doctor is there. Document changes in how you look and feel, pulse, blood pressure, manner of walking, speaking, writing and thinking. Molds can affect a person in some incredible ways. Many simply will not believe what can happen. I certainly would never have believed what I saw in my over 40 years of allergy practice.

Find a doctor who know P/N allergy testing. They can significantly help many who have mold sensitivities because they know how to document cause and effect reactions to minute exposures. See my website or books for more information. Call American Academy of Environmental Medicine at 316 684 5500 or visit http://www.aaemonline.org for the nearest doctor who has the type of allergy training that might turn your life around.

Good luck,

Dr. Doris Rapp

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