Why is the Chemical Industry Winning?

The chemical industry is leading the charge to successfully contaminate our air, food and water. Who will stand up to them?? Why is there not an all out attack on them for what they are doing?

Compromising and common sense would help to get us going in the right direction. What less toxic chemicals can be used without causing so many birth defects, cancer and changes in sexuality? How much more sickness will the public tolerate before they stand up and scream, stop it!!!! The chemical industry has lots of money, lots of power, and lots of know how. They hire lobbyists to sway the politicians who lack integrity.

They have even launched an attack on the US Green Building Council. This is one of the few groups who have the health of the public as part of their major priorities. They are trying to protect and help the people and the planet. We need to enlarge the groups who are trying to save us. Read my book “Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call.”

We must get our heads out of the sand. There is much more than a silent spring at stake. Watch our for a silent summer, fall and winter. We cannot continue to pollute everything in sight and make it. I urge everyone to pay attention and get proactive. We cannot dally indefinitely. Ubiquitous toxic pollution is gaining on us much too rapidly and the legacy we will leave for the next generation must be changed into a positive direction…We must act now.

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