Is Our Freedom of Choice Being Eroded?

We must all insist that we have a choice of honestly labelled foods so we can select what we want to eat or not eat. The lobbyists should not be able to push through laws that GMO or irradiated foods not be clearly labeled. If we allow out foods to be changed with genetic engineering we can be ruining our own food supply, indefinitely.

Read Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette by Dr. Jeff Smith. We simply cannot allow this to happen. Do not depend on someone else. Become proactive to save our precious food supply- as well as our air and water. Do not let big business decide what we can and cannot eat, breathe, or drink. We must be able to make informed choices. The bottom line is the lobbyists. Politicians must stop them- not say they will do it, but do it. They are deciding the health of future generations and their decisions are not based on what is good but what is financially rewarding for them.

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