Want a Healthy Baby and Home?

Ever wonder why there are so many birth defective infants and so much autism? The average baby is now born with 278 chemicals in their blood and many of these are toxic or can cause cancer. The same chemicals are found in the mother and her breast milk.

Here are some practical things you can do in relation to your air, water and food. Months before conception, go organic, and make sure your home air is clean with an air purifier (call 602 574 7635 for more info), that you have a water purifier, and that as many of your foods as possible be GMO- and irradiation-free. Strive to make your home as chemically-free as you can with natural clothing, all natural cleaning materials (vinegar, baking soda and non scented Bon Ami, etc), If possible, buy organic mattresses (never the form fitting chemically laden ones. One smell and you can tell). Install natural carpets, pillows, cotton furniture stuffing, etc. Use only natural, non-toxic pest and/or weed control inside and outside. Make absolutely everything else you can possibly think of as natural as possible.

To find out where potential dangers lurk, read Dr Rapp’s “Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call” and to find out what to do about it, read “32 Tips to Keep You Safe“. You need to know what can harm you, what you can do and where to get safe substitutes. If you have questions call 1866 472 5791 VoiceAmerica Radio Show 11AM - 12PM Wed PST, and Dr Rapp will answer you on the air until the end of May 2012.

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2 comments on “Want a Healthy Baby and Home?

  1. Don Hoernschemeyer on said:

    I would appreciate a reference to the information about how many chemicals are in new born babies. This would help establish credibility of the data, which we know is important.
    Thank you for your continuing important work.Reply - Quote

  2. Doris Rapp, MD on said:

    Hello Don!

    Regarding the information’s source, it did come from the President’s Cancer Panel back in 2010. While I cannot find the exact location of my source, this source quotes that the panels discovery was even worse than mine! It states that there were over 300 chemicals found in umbilical cord fluids! http://www.nrdc.org/living/pregnancy/cancer-panel-warning-babies-born-pre-polluted.aspReply - Quote

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