Is GMO bad? Is It Ever!!!!

Please, do not go anywhere near GMO corn or soy. They will ruin humans in ways that cannot be reversed. Please read anything by Dr. Jeffrey Smith on GMOs. They are bad for you and your children and grandchildren, too.

We cannot damage humans at a cellular level and expect them to be normal. The stakes in this one are much too high and one-sided to believe what the highly vested interest agricultural industry is saying.

Check out “Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call” to find out the dangers and my book “32 Tips to Keep You Safe” to find out how you can save your loved ones and yourself. I am a retired doctor with over 40 years of experience. We have taken the wrong path and we need an immediate adjustment in direction and attitude. There is no reversing genetic modification. It is not easy to mess up our entire food supply, and impossible to correct or reverse GMO changes once the seeds have been altered. Please, do not let this challenge pass you by. We must unite on this issue to protect our loved ones and everyone else.

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One comment on “Is GMO bad? Is It Ever!!!!

  1. Suzette on said:

    Hello Dr. Rapp,

    Your message sounds so dire (on Facebook that is)…please let the public know what we can do moving forward for our health on an individual basis. We are all on our own journey with responsible eating, but we absolutely need to band together to change eating on a global scale. Your messages resonate with so many of us out here (hanging on every word). GMOs are killing us and we don’t always know how we can act locally or globally. In Austin, I found one group with only ONE active member (sad). I’m sure I’m driving my friends and family crazy simply trying to educate them and to stop supporting the efforts of Monsanto.

    Thanks for caring,
    Suzette LipfordReply - Quote

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