Pepsi’s ‘Next’ Drink Line Is Full Of Danger

NaturalNews - Pepsi Next Toxic SodaAfter writing about the artificial sweeteners yesterday, I came across a story about PepsiCo and their new line of products called ‘Next’. According to the company, the drinks are being marketed to “a segment of consumers who are resistant to both regular, full-sugar cola and diet cola offerings. These consumers love the taste of Pepsi but they don’t believe you can achieve full-flavor taste with a diet cola. The launch of Pepsi NEXT is intended to fulfill this unmet need in the category.”

The way Pepsi plans on making this happen is by using less sugar while maintaining their trademark sweetness. In lieu of real sugar or strictly HFCS, the ‘Next’ generation of Pepsi has not just one dangerous sweetener, but it has FOUR sweeteners! It is slated to contain HFCS, aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium. AND to offset the extra sweetness, there is more sodium included compared to regular Pepsi.

Be more aware of what you are putting into your body and the bodies of your loved ones. Drink filtered water as much as you can. Read the ingredients list on the products you consume.

For more information on the strange places you will find toxic elements, read Our Toxic World – A Wake Up Call.

Read about the ingredients found in Pepsi here

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  1. Kimberly McMahon says:

    Tried Pepsi Next for the first time. Had a SEVERE reaction. Four Benadryl , trip to the ER, lots of epinephrine –Doc said NEVER drink diet anything again. I used to drink Diet Pepsi AND Pepsi Max all the time. Something different in it.

  2. Josh Altieri says:

    I have Pepsi Next every day. Doesn’t seem to affect me.

  3. Ollygt says:

    I have had reactions to large amounts of PepsiMax, no problems with PepsiNext. Had about 1.25L of Pepsi Max on the weekend, rash and severe tiredness, haven’t had it for ages this was the first time in months.
    Pepsi Next never seems to give me any problems.

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