Dangers Of Finger Nail Polish and What To Do About It

Those who work in areas that smell of fingernail polish and breathe the air in these places should be very careful, especially if they are pregnant. The chemicals in the polish is formaldehyde, toluene and dibutylphthalate. These are toxic to the human body. Cancer, as well as birth defects, have been attributed to these exposures. I anticipate nail polish, which also contains toxic chemicals, will be reported to be extremely dangerous in the future.

What can you do?
1. Go to the smelly hair salons very early in the day and the week so the smells and exposures are less. Urge your salon to buy a number of Austin air purifiers (Call 602-574-7635 10AM-2PM PST on week days and inquire about the special discount for drrapp.com readers). These remove as many as 3000 toxic chemicals, as well as allergens such as dust, molds and pollen.
2. If you work in such a salon get one machine and set it up so the air you breathe comes right out the machine. You can aim the cleaner air in your direction or bounce it off a wall, so in spite of everything in the air, you are breathing mainly the cleaned air from the machine.
3. Read 32 Tips That Could Save Your Life for other tips and clues to help you avoid common harmful substances that keep crossing your path. You can prevent illness but you must first learn what is harming you.

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