EPA Allows Destruction Of Our Food Supply

A team of researchers from Purdue have released another study confirming the hazardous neonicontinoid insecticide called clothianidin is not only killing off bees, but the toxic buildup of clothianidin could lead to the systemic irreversible destruction of our food supply.

The researchers studied bee colonies that were near maize fields that were being planted with hybrid seeds that were treated with not just clothianidin, but also thiamethoxam, which is another neonicontinoid, and found that these chemicals persist in extremely high levels long after the crop has been planted in the exhaust material from the planting machines. This is a complete contradiction of the story that the agrochemical industry claims to be. They state that the chemicals biodegrade and are not a threat.

The insecticides have also been found in the soil in fields where the chemicals were not even sprayed, and have been found on plants that the bee colonies tend to visit to collect pollen. This goes to show how long these chemicals last in our environment, and can be used to explain why our bee populations are collapsing.

One third of our food chain is at eminent risk. We must make noise to protect our future! Write the EPA and request these harmful chemicals be banned with zero loopholes for continued use! Buy organic non-GMO produce!

For more information on how toxins can affect you, read Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call. To find out what you can do to help yourself and your family, read 32 Tips That Could Save Your Life.

Read the original report here.

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