Have Allergies? Want Fast, Inexpensive Help?

One major answer is the ubiquitous chemical pollution of our air, water, and food. Look at “Our Toxic World, a Wake Up Call” which discusses the cause, and “32 Tips to Keep You Safe” has suggested treatments or alternatives to make you and your family safer.

It is a compact little book with many answers about what you sensibly can do about our massive pollution of so much of our planet. That is as much as I can do all by myself at the age of 82… Please help me get the word out. Share my website with your friends and family, and have them share as well. In this way we can help many more people. As shown on my website. The free (highly successful) allergy diet and the air purifier that also takes out chemicals often helps to significantly relieve a vast majority of the illnesses due to foods and the environment in 1 to 7 days. The diet costs nothing. If you call 48O.264.3456, for $25 there is a way to try an air purifier for a month. If it doesn’t help, send it back no questions asked. If it helps, it is worth its weight in gold, and a special discount applies to the readers of my blog. Just tell them Dr Rapp sent you! That is the best I can think of to help the most people, most effectively and at the least cost.

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