Autism On The Rise

The number of schoolchildren classified as being autistic soared by 56% in five years. Why?

Read everything you can about the current concerns about the safety of vaccines, especially “Say No to Vaccines” by Sherry Tenpenny MD. Then make your personal decisions. Your child’s and your own future might depend on what you decide so get all the facts you can, first. I am so personally concerned that I would not even consider vaccinating my dogs.

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4 comments on “Autism On The Rise

  1. nording on said:

    What is so bad with autism? Many geniouses in arts and sciences have been autists. It is no ailment. I am a slight autist. And I am happy. Why are not all autists? If all were autists, the world would be better. Just leave us alone and do not try to cure us!Reply - Quote

  2. Doris Rapp, MD on said:

    You do have a great point. Many brilliant people could be classified along the autistic spectrum. What I write about is not an attack on those who have autism. I write to bring about awareness of the multitude of toxins that are constantly bombarding us at an accelerated rate. Sometimes, like in the case of unhealthy vaccines, autism may be a side-effect. With herbicides reproductive abnormalities may be caused. All people are beautiful, and I want to let you know that I greatly appreciate you voicing your opinion!Reply - Quote

  3. My child is 4+year old and he is having ADHD. He is having lots of food allergies like Wheat free,nut free,Casine free,no tomatoes,lime,lemon,grapes,oranges,watermelon,soyfree etc.He cant stay one place,He is over exicited,can’t understand personal space,He hits his friends with no reason.he can’t play with his peers,can’t explain why sky it is white and why it is black.can’t control his volume… please help me DR.Rapp please give me some answer.
    we tested his toxic metals he is having High Lead and cadmium.We are giving him DMSA chelation capsule for getting normal range.culturelle tablet for yeast.he is having low vitD so we giving 3000IU capsule.our DR.has suggested to give Gcmaf but still he cant sit on one place on rug he is all around the children faces.can you please suggest me what to do…Reply - Quote

  4. Doris Rapp, MD on said:

    Many children who have your child’s symptoms responded within 5-7 days with the allergy diet in my books. Get the book ‘Is This Your Child’s World’. Call number below. This tells parents how to figure out if their child has food allergies. The second week of the diet often tells which food causes what. For dust, mold, pollen and chemicals you need an air purifier. Call 602 574 7635 for a discount. So many have been helped with this information. Hope your child will be another one.

    Dr RappReply - Quote

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