Do You Sleep Poorly Since You Bought A New Mattress?

What is the make of the mattress? Some people certainly could be sensitive to some chemicals in the mattress. Others have been helped with a hypoallergenic organic mattress (check internet) and that might stop the sleep problem.

Think about getting rid of or better, simply thoroughly washing anything that touched the mattress. Find out which chemicals are in the “bad” mattress. and read everything you can on detoxing and improving your nutrition. The main toxic chemical in some synthetic mattresses is polybrominated diphenyl ether.

PBDE, as well as other flame retardants, such as toxic antimony and boric acid. Any future contact with any of the mattress chemicals in the future could conceivably cause your symptoms to return so pay attention. Check with your own doctor. Oxygen will help relieve chemical symptoms.

An air purifier such as an Austin Air HealthMate might help overnight. It can be tried for $25 for a month under certain circumstances. Call 602 574 7635 for more information, and mention this website for a special discount available only to readers of this blog. A sauna often helps. Read “32 Tips That Could Save Your Life” for more tips on mattress safety.

Good luck,
Dr Rapp

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3 comments on “Do You Sleep Poorly Since You Bought A New Mattress?

  1. Blair on said:

    Do you think a Temporpedic mattress could be off-gassing after 10 years. I have extreme sensitivities after 2 yrs of intense cleansing, always wake up with fuzzy, toxic feeling in my brain, takes me an hour to clear it…could it be my mattress? How/where can I buy an organic cotton mattress without retardant? Thank you.Reply - Quote

  2. we are having to replace all our old mattresses. found mold that had been growing in the basement area for last 7 years around top wood band in basement. we had all become sick. so everything porous in the house has to go. can the mattress covers be washed and saved….they say clothes can be washed and saved? I had spent a great deal of money on the allergy mattress and springs covers…. the spores and their toxins are what we are reacting to I’m told. which are all over the house after a remediation attempt that did not contain the mold as it should in my opinion. since we are sensitive to mold and these toxins do we need to get the organic beds???? thanks for any info on this long and stressful situation and any info on mold remediation and cleanup….Reply - Quote

  3. Doris Rapp, MD on said:

    I do not know but it should have caused far more symptoms when you first got it, not several years later. You shoud have been must sicker at the start than now. It is possib le you gradually became sick but that is more unlikely.

    It might be the mattress but why suddenly after 2 years. Your symptoms sound like some chemical is bothering you. Did you change the pillow, the laundry soap get a carpet, paint or refurbish. Something has changed. Check your bills to see what you bought or paid just before these symptoms began. Did you pesticide inside your house? Get my booklet called Allergies Answers which will help you breakdown your daily life and help determine what may be causing the issues.

    Good luck and let me know what the answer to your problem is. Keep asking- What did I eat, touch or smell? before this rash of new symptoms began. Think of any different personal body products too. Read my books and let mw know if you find the answer. They are loaded with tips so you can find the problem causes and know what to do about it.

    Good luck
    Dr DorisReply - Quote

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