Can Radiation Hurt You?

YES. A recent mouse study shows that radiation causes a loss of memory and increased activity and anxiety which has been described as being similar to ADHD.

In humans, maybe you should consider getting rid of the microwave (replace it with an electric toaster oven) and not living near high power cables and electronic towers, even getting rid of your cell phone or reducing your usage. We are all exposed to far more radiation than many years ago and, unfortunately, it is not easy to avoid. Do an internet search for ‘baubiology’ for help with ways to measure and reduce the radiation in your home.

For more dangers you need to know about in your home read Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call. For answers about what to do about harmful exposures, read 32 Tips to Keep You Safe.

Dr Rapp prides herself on fast, easy, inexpensive and effective ways to keep you safe and well.

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