Strawberry Lovers Rejoice!

A huge ‘job well done’ is in order for the people of California! A former organic farmer, named Brian R. Leahy, was recently appointed as director for the California Department of Pesticide Regulations.

Why is this good for strawberry lovers? California’s strawberry crop accounts for an estimated 80% of the strawberries across the nation. Conventional farmers fumigate the soil to sterilize it prior to planting high-dollar crops, one of which is the strawberry plant.

The fumigants formerly used (and are being phased out) are chloropicrin and methyl bromide. As a substitute for the methyl bromide, a known carcinogen, methyl iodide, which has been linked to thyroid toxicity, neurotoxicity, and reproductive toxicity, was beginning to be used.

Photo by - Carol Browne

That has now changed thanks to the public outcry of those who live near farming communities. Methyl iodide is no longer on the table as an alternative to methyl bromide! While this is a small victory for everybody, we still have a long ways to go.

To learn what you can do to help protect yourself and your family, read “Is This Your Child’s World” and “Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call“.

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