Microwaves Are Bad, Bad, Bad

Dr. Michelle Meyer has written some good reasons to absolutely throw it away. It is too unsafe to give to anyone, (even those you might not like). Invest in an electric toaster oven.

Microwaves are bad, bad, bad.

Microwaved Foods:
1). can damage your brain. Memory, concentration, and ability to remain calm, cool, and collected.
2. your body does not know how to metabolize and use microwaved foods particles so they can stay in your body.
3). microwaved food messes up your hormone levels. You will be less sexy!
4). you can end up with microwaved food by-products that your body does not know how to dispose of or use.
5). your body has to function with fewer needed minerals, vitamins and nutrients because the microwave ruined these as it damaged your foods.
6). alter the minerals in vegetables, which are transformed into cancer-causing free radicals. This is one possible reason cancer is presently epidemic.
7). can cause stomach and intestinal cancer (colon cancer is presently very high in the USA and Britain).
8). have been associated with cancer cells in the blood.
9). harm your immune system so you have more infection, possible allergy and cancer.
10. Microwaves are reported to cause cataracts in the eyes.

Do you want to prove microwaves are bad?
It is easy…..water some plants with regular water the others with microwaved water.
You will watch the microwaved-water plants die. I like mice but if you give mice only microwaved water they will grow poorly and also die.

If you are eating microwaved foods and drinking this type of water, stop it. Never give a baby any microwaved bottles of formula or foods. You can definitely ruin human health by microwaving.

I wish to thank Dr. Michelle Meyer for summarizing the dangers of microwaves. We need to spread the word that they are very, very bad.

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