Neurological Disorders From Radiation?

A new study shows neurotransmitter chemicals in rat fetal brains of chronically exposed to radiation from cell phones exhibited significant neurological differences . This is not a good sign but the bottom line is what happens to human fetuses?

  • I am not surprised that researchers concluded certain doses of microwave radiation from cellular phones during pregnancy results in harm fetal rat brains . Big question is: Does this from of radiation hurt humans- Until we know: DO NOT USE CELLULAR PHONES OR MICROWAVE OVENS IF PREGNANT. WHY TAKE A CHANCE?
  • Past research has also found pregnant women using handsets just two or three times a day have increased risk of their babies developing hyperactivity and difficulties with conduct, emotions and relationships by the time they reached school age WHICH HANDSETS CAUSE SYMPTOMS. ? CELLULAR PHONES??
  • There is growing scientific evidence that cell phones and other wireless devices pose significant health risks to all of us, and especially to children and pregnant women. So while these findings are not being widely publicized, as of yet, at the present time.

The bottom line is: it makes sense to take every precaution now -to protect yourself, your children and unborn fetuses by avoiding microwave or significant electromagnetic exposures, of any type at any time.

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2 comments on “Neurological Disorders From Radiation?

  1. Hannah Bradford on said:

    do you have the reference for the study ?Reply - Quote

  2. Doris Rapp, MD on said:

    Hello Hannah,

    The original source for the article is on pubmed:

    Dr RappReply - Quote

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