Your Tap Water Might Not Be Safe

Most water contains antibiotics, hormones, and a wide variety of chemicals because they cannot be easily separated from the water. How can that affect you? An antibiotic you need might no longer help you, even if they are the only one that usually would help.

The hormones in much of our water are feminizing the fish and there’s evidence that other wildlife is similarly affected. Human sperm counts, levels of testosterone, and masculinity are all going down. Some of the chemicals in water cause cancer. They cannot be separated from the water.

When “Round Up”, or 2,4,D, is used on the lawns, it ends up in your drinking eater in extremely miniscule amounts- but these tiny, tiny amount have been shown to have significant adverse effects on human health. Think about it.

Read Dr Rapp’s, Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call or 32 Tips to Keep You Safe. which contain practical suggestions to help you cope with our many toxic exposures that cannot easily be avoided.

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