Danger Is Imminent, Again!

Unless we quickly object, by 2/27 Dow chemical can get a “non regulated” status on its deadly harmful 2,4 D (Agent Orange) resistant genetically modified corn (Ask who has the vested interests to accomplish this “non regulation” idea).

The 2,4,D resistant seeds means that farmers can use even more herbicide on these seeds that cause birth defects, cancer and blood, liver and kidney toxicity. This will create a new generation of genetically modified soy, corn and cotton crops engineered to resist the herbicide 2,4 D. These Monsanto resistant seeds will result in massive spraying with even more chemicals, creating increasingly chemically resistant weeds, and ever increasing toxic pollution of our air, food, water, and bodies.

We simply must unite and save the children and ourselves. Monsanto has managed to pollute so many crops, we simply do not have a fighting chance. What can help you today to protect yourself and loved ones? The only answer is to go totally and absolutely organic. Their ultimate aim is not only greed but also population control. Monsanto appears to be winning the battle unless we wake up. Read Dr Rapp’s book, Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call before it is too late. Don’t wait until we have all been duped to enter the gas chamber. We simply must protect our air, food, water, children and ourselves and we have to do it now.

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