What To Do If Your Child Eats Only One Food?

If your child eats only one food and little else, be assured, that child will not grow, learn or feel his/her best. There is no way a growing child can exist on a very limited diet without additional nutritional support from someone who is most knowledgeable about nutrition.

A recent report described how ill a 17 year old girl became after a prolonged diet of mainly chicken ‘nuggets’ and french fries. In many years of practice I saw a few youngsters who would eat only one or two foods and resisted any others. As an allergist I treated them with an allergy extract for those single foods because if you have allergies and limit your diet, you will typically become allergic to those foods you are eating in excess.

I then treated for a few other foods that were previously favorites. I had the parents also promise their child a motivational “carrot” which was something the child absolutely loved or wanted, such as some music show tickets or money for something such as a vacation someplace. This approach helped significantly and in a short time the children would be gradually expanding their diets. The children were also told that by eating they would be better in sports, have higher grades, and if teenagers, become more attractive to the opposite sex. I did really believe all these things were possible and the children also believed me and responded well. For a doctor who knows environmental medicine check out The American Academy of Environmental Medicine and search for a doctor in your area.

They all know how to treat food allergies with a food allergy extract (Unfortunately some allergists do not know how to do it and some amazingly some even do not believe it can be done! See my Videos). Also, check out my books and DVDs and find out how to relieve many allergies in 1 to 7 days with a free diet and there is a way you can try an air purifier for 30 days for $25. Call 48O 9O5 9195 for special discounts available ONLY for my readers. I really want to help those who cannot afford well-trained specialist physicians.

Dr Doris Rapp

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