Do Allergies Cause Battering or Bullying? (Part 3)

  1. Ask if the person doing the battering has allergies or allergic relatives. If no, it is doubtful that allergy is a factor.
  2. Next ask if, just before an aggressive outburst, is there a sudden change in the appearance? Were there abnormally red earlobes or cheeks, dark eye circles, eye bags, an aggressive look and/or wiggly legs that are so characteristic of allergy?
  3. Ask if anything unusual was swallowed, eaten or touched shortly before the battering began. Sometimes, if the major cause is a food or beverage, simply taking one quarter teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water can sometimes stop battering or hyperactivity in about fifteen minutes.
  4. Did the outburst occur in minutes after a chemical smell or after some unusual exposure either inside or outside? Does the aggression in a certain place? If yes, ask why there.

If the above types of clues suggest that allergies play a major role in bullying, maybe the problem can be resolved by simply finding , eliminating and/or treating the allergic cause. If the cause might be dust, molds, pollen or chemicals in a specific area, an air purifier might quickly provide significant relief in a day or less. ( 1-800-787-8780) If the problem is a food allergy, many improve in 5-7 days on the allergy diet (A long report on this topic will be available on the site shortly.)

It is hoped that some of the innovative and meaningful suggestions discussed in this article might be practical and beneficial for some parents to help their bullied child. What a child can or cannot do to diminish contact with a bully must be individualized.

And lastly, at the present time there seems to be an inordinate amount of “pent up” anger and legitimate frustrations in the lives of far too many ordinary people. We can only hope that the incidence of battering will decrease.


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