Changing the Definition of Autism

Does your child have such drastic change in behavior and activity that no one will believe it?

Because I saw so many unbelievable reactions when I was in practice, I videotaped every patient for about 20 years. If you need proof of how dramatic and provocative the reactions can be to dust, molds, foods, pollen or chemicals, simply check out my videos/DVDs. Also, check out my books that contain the histories of the children seen on the DVDs.

Tens of thousands of lives could be dramatically changed for the better if those making decisions would stop blaming the mothers and children with ADHD and realize it is a correct medical diagnosis that is missing. Many can be helped without psychotropic drugs.

The problem of many ADHD children is not psychological but medical and the reason is simply that different areas of the brain can react to allergenic exposures. Too many do not know that changes in activity, behavior and learning can be entirely the result of allergic responses. It is not always the lungs reacting in the form of asthma to some allergenic substance.

Far too many do not realize that ANY area of the brain can be affected by allergenic exposures in children or adults. The changes can be documented easily with brain images, handwriting changes and various other objective testing methods. Even more important, responses to allergenic substances can be reproduced and then stopped, in a few minutes, at will, with Provocation/Neutralization allergy skin testing. Unequivocal proof is readily available.

Why are so many of the skeptics not looking personally at the evidence? Too many of the disbelieving have not bothered to personally see Provocation/Neutralization allergy testing. Many patients and trained physicians can unequivocally and repeatedly produce “cause and effect” responses. It is the best diagnostic tool to figure out answers that the field of allergy has seen in ages and too many, who do not believe, have still not bothered to actually see it being done.

It is hoped that everyone will avoid making a decision about it unless that person has actually taken the time and effort to see it being done? When I initially heard about it, I was so skeptical that I set out to expose those doing it by going to the office of a couple of doctors who made unbelievable claims about it. I ended up having to say I was absolutely wrong. I then learned what they knew and I needed to know. Any disbeliever might be missing out on one of the best diagnostic and treatment tools available in medicine in 2012.

I was in practice about 20 years before and again about 20 years after, I found out about Provocation/Neutralization allergy testing. It enabled me to help children I would have never thought possible. I learned many wonderful ways to help children with symptoms that had perplexed those who had previously seen them. In some of the patients I initially did not believe it was possible that their symptoms could be allergic in nature. It was immensely gratifying to be able to frequently document, without a doubt, the exact cause of some unbelievable reactions.

It is, however, most disappointing that most in allergy medicine still do not believe that dust, mold, pollen, foods and chemicals can adversely affect “any” area of the body (or brain) when undeniable proof has been available for at least 40 years. They are in for a most pleasant surprise when they eventually realize what they have been missing, I cannot begin to express how very happy and grateful I am to have heard about and learned Provocation/Neutralization allergy testing in 1975. It will open up a whole new world of amazing treatment of allergy when the skeptics in power decide to critically evaluate it.

Dr. Doris J. Rapp

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