Are Any Pesticides Safe?

Some pesticides are made from flowers (crysanthemums) and called synthetic pyrethroids. They are said by some to be safe but they appear to cause developmental delays in babies and children, can adversely affect the the pancreas and thyroid and diminish your ability to fight infection because the immune system can be harmed. It is difficult to be safe in today’s world because most pesticides are very harmful and they are all over, in our air, food, and water. Especially watch for 2,4 D. That one is outlawed in most countries but not here. (We should ask why not?) It is famous for causing lymphoma cancers.

What can you do about it? One answer is to read labels and check each of the ingredients. If someone is spraying in your area, find out exactly what is being used and why. Google it and find out how dangerous the chemical is. This is especially true if you are pregnant or if you have very young children. For more information read Dr. Rapp’s book entitled, “Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call“. For more infant information, check out “Is This Your Child’s World” and contact us here.

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