Beware of Molds

Dr. Rapp has seen the most diverse and terrible symptoms you can think of caused by molds. If exposed to a very moldy home, it is not unusual for all the family members (even pets) to become ill. Many in the medical profession are totally unaware that molds can affect the human body is so many ways. The illnesses they cause can be much more than asthma, hay fever, rashes and itchy skin. The symptoms can include muscle aches, all types of abdominal complaints, twitches, tics, headaches, changes in the ability to learn, excessive infections, problems walking, walking, talking or seeing, changes in behavior (such as anger, aggression, easy crying, belligerence, and activity changes (such as hyperactivity or fatigue).

When families are ill and the problem cannot be helped sufficiently by trying to eliminate the molds (call N.O.R.M.I. 877.251.2296 or visit for mold remediation specialists), the best solution is sometimes to move to a mold-free home.

Most mild to moderate and some severe mold sensitivities can be diagnosed and treated quickly, safely and effectively by using traditional or Provocation/Neutralization allergy therapy. For further practical information, see Dr Rapp’s 600 page book entitled, “IsThis Your Child’s World,” on sale now for $10.00 (regular price $20) and a see a 90 minute DVD showing many of the above symptoms in children and adults. This book contains many of the answers you need to understand and eliminate molds in schools, homes and workplaces. The more you learn about mold sensitivities, the more you can help and/or protect your family.

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