Is It Something Outside That Makes You Feel Ill?

If you tend to suddenly become ill when you are outside, look around. Some reactions might not occur for several minutes to an hour after you go outside, but many chemicals typically cause symptoms in seconds to minutes and they can last for hours or days.

For example, when they were spraying the chemical malathion for mosquitoes in New York City, some of the people who came out of their office buildings in Manhattan found that not only did they immediately develop a cough and/or asthma, but some could not even remember their home address.

How can you find the answers to help you feel well when it comes to outside air? Ask yourself some questions…

Are heavy traffic fumes a problem when you are near a highway or at tollbooths?
Are you always better in a certain locale?
Is your illness related to a certain time of year?

For more questions to ask yourself, and for simple, fast, effective, and affordable ways to help you feel better, take a look at my book Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call.

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