Are Mammograms The Way To Go?

The answer is no according to Sherri Tenpenny, MD.

Too many women have an unnecessary mastectomy, chemotherapy or radiation, because of an incorrect interpretation of a mammogram.

It’s estimated screening 2,000 women will save one woman’s life but this can lead to 200 false positives and 10 unnecessary surgeries. In addition, in the 10 years after screening the quality of life can be challenging. The net negative effect suggests screening can do more harm than good.

Google and check out the many pros and cons on this topic and see the articles written by Sherri Tenpenny to help make the right decisions for you if there is the slightest chance you might unnecessarily lose a breast.

One way that helps is for you to check your own breasts at least every two weeks. Mark your calendar. One way to remember is to do this when you have your menses. Check the area connecting to the arm pits, in particular. and if you feel a lump on one side, check it out.

Read my book “Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call” (1-800-787-8780 or 480-905-9195) to learn how some women in Israel figured out the cause of cancer in their area and lowered their incidence of breast cancer. Find out why we have breast and other cancer epidemics. We often know why— but do not make an effort to eliminate the cause so the breast cancer rate does not go down. For example, in countries where 2,4 D lawn sprays are banned, lymphomas in men goes way down. Ask why it is not banned in the USA?! Who has the vested interest and power to do this? Let’s do more to eliminate the causes of breast cancer.

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