The Damage of Fluoride

The Truth Behind FluorideIn spite of being found in thousands of products because some greedy souls had vested interests and were in powerful positions in our government, the public is finally becoming aware. The evidence that fluorides are bad is overwhelming. Check out pg 291 of my book, “Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call“. New studies show the brain and nervous system can be damaged with fluorides, which are now found in our water supply as well as thousands of other products. This chemical does not protect the teeth but it can harm them. It can damage the brain now and 20 years later on and is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. It can decrease a child’s mental capabilities or IQ.

Replace your oral care products with fluoride-free varieties. Read labels of everything carefully. This toxic chemical can be found in personal care products as well as some foods and even bottled water marketed for your children.

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