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If you were exposed to too much of one chemical at one time, you may find that in the future, the tiniest bit of any chemical, any place can cause a recurrence of your original symptoms.

This is called the “spreading phenomenon.” Those who are fortunate and have no chemical sensitivity often will not believe you. No one doubts that pollen allergies only affect certain people but for some strange reason, they do not believe that chemicals can affect only some who happen to be sensitive. May they never find out how wrong they were!


* You become ill from the odors in churches, malls, restaurants, and public lavatories (disinfectants or deodorizers), etc.
* You become ill after putting gas in your car, in heavy traffic, at tollbooths, or after traveling on roads with fresh asphalt .
* You can’t read certain books with shiny, smelly paper or a newspaper that has wet ink or colored print without becoming ill.
* You crave certain odors or aromas, such as the smell of perfumes, gasoline, funeral parlors, etc. Others will ironically detest, not crave, the odors to which they are sensitive.
* At first, those with chemical sensitivities have a markedly increased sense of smell. Later on, they can lose their sense of smell and thus its associated protection. Then they are in more danger than ever. They don’t know when to run for clean air.

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