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Dry, cracked lips
Red rash around mouth
Bloating shortly after eating
Belching or rectal gas after eating. (What you taste is a suspect clue)
Bad breath (This is often due to milk, eggs or wheat)
Dark black, blue or red eye circles
Bags under the eyes
Wrinkles under the eyes
Nose wiggling or rubbing
A horizontal wrinkle across the bridge of the nose
Sneezing in bouts
A mottled tongue with bald island-like patches
The following are the common physical clues that are common, but not recognized as being caused by foods or other allergenic exposures.

Abnormally bright red or hot earlobes
Abnormally red cheeks
Wiggly legs
Tics, twitches, epilepsy, seizures
Painful swollen joints or arthritis
Swollen skin over knuckles
Muscle aches
Have typical allergies such as hay fever, asthma, eczema or hives. Food allergies can be missed as causes of these problems..
Have close relatives who have these illnesses.
Have many other allergies, for example, to dust, molds, pollen or chemicals. Many with allergies, in time, develop sensitivities to all of these.
Have symptoms of food allergy that typically occur within about 15 to 60 minutes. If the allergy is extremely severe, changes can be noted in seconds. Some symptoms, however, routinely take a bit more time, 24 to 36 hours to before they develop and appear.
These include: eczema or an itchy rashes, especially in the arm creases, ear infections (otitis) or fluid behind the ear drums, aphthous inner cheek ulcers, bed wetting, depression, joint tenderness, arthritis, irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, or ulcerative colitis.
Have many unresolved chronic digestion problems. Halitosis
(think wheat, eggs and dairy), nausea, diarrhea, constipation (think milk and dairy), reflux (belching), bloating, rectal gas and recurrent diarrhea or constipation can be totally caused by unrecognized food allergies.
Notice pain in bones around eyes (suggesting chronic sinus infections secondary to chronic untreated nose allergy.)
Have felt itchy hives that look like mosquito bite on their body after eating.
Your lips swell, or the inside of your mouth tingles or gets itchy before or immediately after you eat.
Do You Have Other Common Frequently Unrecognized Clues of Allergy
Not felt really good for years and no one knows why.
Have so many symptoms that no one believes you
Have symptoms from some food even though you only were exposed to a speck of it. Some foods can be so allergenic that the smell of the food or from kissing someone who has just eaten that food can causes sudden illness.
Have binged on some food item and then become ill. Most people with a serious food allergy have a specific tolerance for how much of a problem food they can ingest without having symptoms. For example, one child might be sensitive to a teaspoon of milk, but for others one drop or three cups might be their limit. On holidays many binge on well-liked foods. The answer is to pay closer attention.
Have bad breath in spite of no dental on teeth problems..
Think you could not be allergic to certain foods because someone told you they cannot cause your particular symptoms. Many times the person’s observations are absolutely correct.
Parents sometimes know the cause of illness and tell their doctors but they are convinced by others they must be wrong.
Wet the bed most nights. Suspect fruit juice, milk, dyes and soda pop.
Have restless sleep awakening with a messy bed in the morning
Become exceedingly sleepy or suddenly unconscious after eating certain meals or the smell of certain foods..
Recurrent infection secondary to allergies that cause tissues to swell so germs can invade more easily causing recurrent ear, sinus and chest infections.
Perplexing sudden inexplicable changes in your personality, such as aggression, anger, vulgarity or depression that happens shortly after eating.
Find you have times when you cannot speak clearly or normally.
Suddenly totally lose your voice..
Feel inordinately depressed. Have you or your child felt life is “not worth it” and or even tried suicide? Allergies commonly cause this. Sometimes it is a food but it can also commonly be caused by pollen, molds or chemicals, in particular.
Have an armful of bite marks because of your “out of control” food allergic child.. Mothers never complain but “mother battering” but it is a very common complaint.
Intermittently find you suddenly become untouchable, try to hide in tight dark corners, recoil, pull away, scream when touched or try to cover your face with your hair..
Many times parents, especially mothers, are blamed because a child cannot be controlled.
Many find there are times when you cannot think clearly or feel like your head is ballooned or unclear.
If you or your child have a number of the above symptoms and no one seems to be able to explain why, it is possible that a short diagnostic or therapeutic food diet can provide the answer. Many thousands have been helped, often in a week or less, and Dr. Rapp’s diets typically provide meaningful answers in a week or two.
People who have these sorts of problems have often perplexed one well-qualified medical specialist after another and spent an enormous amount of money without finding the cause or their illness or what can permanently help them feel better.

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